Friday, February 5, 2010

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

For years now, movie stars have been appearing in ad campaigns of famous fashion houses and by doing so, contributing to their and the brand's image. Another aspect which interests me for my fashion/film thesis, is when a celebrity takes on the role as a guest designer for a brand. And so, I'm pretty sure that I will include the collaboration between film director Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton, in my project.

I'm not a huge fan of Louis Vuitton's monogram bags, but I do however love the line Sofia Coppola designed for the french luxury brand. The small black clutch has been on my wishlist for a while now, and seeing the bag appear on the Jak & Jil blog today, makes me a bit jealous of the owner.

(source: Jak & Jil Blog)

(source: e-shopping page of Louis Vuitton)

Oh and I am a bit shocked of that price tag by the way, since it is such a small bag. Maybe it will be better to just save up for classic watch, like the girl is wearing in the picture above? I'm guessing it's the Rolex Day-Date.


  1. Haar collectie is echt mooi, maar vr zo'n prijs ook overdreven. Gsm en lipstick is tmaximum van, wat erin kan. Beter idd sparen vr een horloge.
    Ma je hebt precies al een mooie (nieuwe foto op facebook).

  2. Ja, dat was ik ook al aan't denken: dat tasje is gemaakt als creditcard holder. :D meer niet.
    buiten die gesp is er eigenlijk ook niets aan e? :)
    maar ik hou wel van dat simpel design.

    jammer. :)

    ja, ben gek van mijn horloge. maar die is voor mannen. dus ik wil iets meer meisjesachtig...