Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sex and the City Inquiry

For my second chapter in my Fashion/Film-thesis, I am writing a segment on product placement in fashion movies. Since the first Sex and the City-movie got awarded with the title 'Film Whore of the Year' by the Brandcameo Product Placement Awards, I just had to mention the film.

Als we all know, the movie is packed with the namedropping of high fashion brands, glamourous -recognizable- fashion must haves and tie-ins. The collaboration with Bag Borrow or Steal is the most remarkable, in my opinion. After the e-shop was mentioned explicitly, the number of members increased by 217%, and more importantly, the number of 'bag borrows' rose up to 400%. And the website gets the idea of product placement and tie-ins perfectly: "Look like a SATC star: Carry Bags Seen in the Movie".

Many significant authors state that the reason why these marketing techniques are a success, is because they give the film viewer the illusion that they can follow into their favorite star's footsteps and be a little like them. The movie as well as the leading characters become sales men and once again, Hollywood functions as a dream maker -remember what I concluded about the shirt scene in It Happened One Night?

Vanity Fair send two fashion reporters to examine how many brands were exposed in the movie. They counted about 25 fashion brands, excluding fashion magazines, stores and other brands. But since the two probably were experts on the subject, I was wondering how much of these fashion brands will a 'normal viewer' spot and recognize?

If by any chance you are planning to watch the movie again, and if you care to join me, and help me count, you are all more than welcome! Every dress -, shoe -, purse designer that you can spot, counts in this one, even the one the four ladies namedrop... Thanks a million.

Edit: I have just finished up searching for the 'hidden' labels in the film, and I've found every brand the Vanity Fair team reported, except for Ferregamo, Nike and Adidas. I did however spot some brands that they didn't find: Judith Leiber, Roberto Cavalli and the rainbow bird of paradise Alexander McQueen dress, which is quite saddening given today's tragic event.

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