Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The September Issue

As soon as the DVD landed in the UK, I ordered my copy of The September Issue on Amazon.co.uk, and this since I needed to watch the documentary for my thesis as soon as possible. But now the discs apparently include 90-minutes bonus material.

How I wish I could have been more patient.
Oh, and the DVD is only 5 Pounds now, (vs. 15 when I bought it in September).

Another documentary I can't wait to get my hands on, is Valentino The Last Emperor. Not only is Valentino Garavani a great designer - I love my mom's Valentino bag - but he himself as well is quite an
interesting person.


  1. ik moet nog altijd het laatste deeltje zien van The September Issue, wat een droomwereld waar die werken.. omg :) ik wil daar ook werken later !

  2. Moet het zelf ng zien, zal wel eens downloaden :p

  3. I will be getting this on dvd. Great documentary.