Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Web Sales

2009 changed fashion history, when fashion brands invited you, the internet user, to their until now very exclusive incrowd-only fashion shows. The brands have discovered Web 2.0 and the social media. And when they started to stream their shows live, it seemed as if they are putting the press and networks present offside by giving the viewer at home the chance to witness it all live, and as it happens.

This season however, I get the impression they are trying to pull this off in another segment of the industry; the retailers. Both Burberry and Proenza Schouler launched a web shop, where some exclusive items of their newest collection, could be bought within limited time of the show. Apparently the Aviator-pieces are selling out very quickly. That Burberry is delivering the jackets within 8 weeks, just shows what a well-olied machine the brand is.

This all reminds me of what my professor was telling us yesterday, during our film history-course; How Hollywood started expanding and growing tremendously and at some point controlled the film productions, the film distribution and the exploitation of their own films, which they had to give back by court order.

Or maybe by now, my head is too focussed on searching impossible similarities between film and fashion. How I enjoy my thesis...

Either way, those are some amazing jackets. 'Add to shopping bag or put on wish list?'


  1. Can't believe they're available for pre-order already. If only ...

  2. burberry can do no wrong.

    i don't think i'll buy outerwear anywhere else after my last two purchases.


    and i'm not sure how i feel about the whole "watch out shows live" idea.

    i kinda liked the thrill of waiting for photos to surface on

    why would anyone want to go now?

    anna wintour can now watch the shows from the comfort of her immaculately decorated NYC brownstone.

    where's the fun?

    the exclusive nature?

    maxwell conrad

  3. it was a whole discussion on belgian radio yesterday
    one fashion journalist fashion shows will become extinct
    maybe they'll just show us a very cool short film next time
    instead of the whole classical runway show?

    but in the end she concluded that a real live runway show
    when you as a viewer are actually there is more emotional
    a real show will give you goose bumps, contrary to just watching a clip online


    i don't know what will happen, but i find it very interesting :)

  4. These jackets are just too good, have you seen the acne one?