Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prada Prints

If there is one color that describes my wardrobe perfectly it would be 'pitch black'. It's not that I don't like prints, I usually don't like them on me. But when I saw this special Prada collection, only one thing came to mind; where can I find the nearest Prada-store? I wish I could head to London or Milan, just to get me one of these fifties inspired dresses. But I'm stuck in Belgium for my thesis, and thus I'm probably doomed to remain without this must have, since there is no 'real' Prada-store in Belgium...

Too bad. I really had my heart set on red'ish dress in the back... and that yellow purse is great too!

Excited: My sister and I, and thus Shark Attack, have been invited to a press event regarding the fall collections of some very cool brands. So tomorrow we head off to the great city of Antwerp. I'm so curious! 


  1. Mooie prints zijn moeilijk te vinden, toch zeker in goedkopere winkels.
    Dat groen kleedje is mijn favoriet en de tasjes zijn ook geweldig!