Thursday, April 29, 2010

La Fille d'O Lingerie

There is only one lingerie brand that I wear. I am completely committed to la fille d'O!


- The designs are always playful, sexy, fun and comfortable at the same time!
- The details are amazing, and I love the fact that you can wear one item in many different ways!
- Every piece is made in Belgium, so no sweat shops or little children that sow up your intimates!
- It's not like a sterile brand, it's like a way of life and a mind set!
- And everything about it is filled with tons of creativity!
- Murielle, the heart and soul of la fille d'O, is one of the sweetest people I ever met!
- And the d'O-girls are amazing, I love those ladies!

Here are some screenshots of the new d'O-webshop, which looks amazing.

hard to heart / acec / La Fille d'O / Devilles Harem Girls from dd on Vimeo.

I'm the one that falls awkwardly... What a fun night that was!


  1. Not familiar with La Fille d'O Lingerie, but thanks for introducing me to this brand;-)

  2. Ik ben vooral fan van haar schoenen!
    Je bent genomineerd voor de Sweet Blog Award! Meer info op mijn blog!