Thursday, April 22, 2010

TOP 25 Fashion Films

This morning, my sister sent me the Times Online's 25 movies that shook the world of fashion, since I'm writing my thesis on the relationship between Fashion and Film. And the people over there sure did their homework, since scientific literature often mention the same cinematographic works.

Top 10

1. West Side Story, 1961
Can someone please explain what this movie is doing on no. 1? 

2. Belle de Jour, 1967
The lovely Catherine Deneuve dressed by YSL, what's not to like. 

3. The Big Sleep, 1946
Haven't seen this one yet. But I'm sure every girl dressed up like Lauren Bacall in order to attract a Humphrey Bogart-type of guy...

4. Atonement, 2007
Still so in love with that green dress. 
5. Bonnie and Clyde, 1967
Every book I opened on the subject, mentions this film. Girls copied bonnie's beret, must have been some sight. 

5. Annie Hall, 1977
Many authors state that Diane Keaton's Annie Hall, dressed by Ralph Lauren, is the last movie character that influenced fashion 'en masse', since all characters after her fail to make the viewers dream. They say that the characters have lost their dreaming power since they are dressed just like you and me, in stead of glamourous designs. I couldn't disagree more. Because of the fact that their costumes are more within our reach, makes the public dream even more, since the dream is ever more attainable. Just think of all those Cinderella-stories, a common motif in fashion films, and their message that says even the plainest girls can have their dreams come true. 

7. Factory Girl, 2006
Haven't seen this one either. Is it any good? 

8. Coco avant Chanel, 2008
This movie bored me and we almost fell asleep in the theatre. I know that the whole point was showing her life before the brand, but I didn't want to see a love story, I wanted to see some Chanel clothes!

9. Gone with the Wind, 1939
I remember watching this movie with my grandmother. It aired every year on a Italian channel and although I was too young to get the whole point of the story, I loved looking at the dramatic scenery and historic costumes. Only this year I discovered that the dresses worn in the movie were copied by many women at the time. 1890-style during the forties, I wish I could see that result...

10. The talented Mr. Ripley, 1999
I can't even remember the clothes in this one... 

The other movies

Pulp Fiction: No-one makes a plain with shirt looks as cool as Uma does. Plus, love the Chanel Rouge Noir-nailpolish and matching lipstick in this one. 

Top Hat: I just saw this Fred & Ginger-movie a couple of weeks ago, and the dresses in the movie are over the top glamourous. Just what you expect from a movie from the 1930's. And the film really made all of us laugh. 

Funny Face: One of the subjects of my thesis. Although the story is very predictable with a sugarcoated Hollywood-ending, you should watch this one only for the Givenchy-designs in it. But I still don't understand why the editor doesn't mention the brand in the movie. The only label featured in the Think Pink-scene is Dior. Very bizarre. And I don't understand either how a young girl like Audrey's character could fall in love with an old guy like Fred Astaire...

A Single Man: I still haven't seen this one, since they only showed the film in major cities here. But I bet those Tom Ford designs are amazing. 

The Devil Wears Prada: Okay, we get it. It's set in the fashion industry. But the movie is nothing more than product placement and more product placement. And thanks to my thesis, I got tired of watching it over and over... 

Why didn't they mention

American Gigolo: Armani! 
Prêt-à-Porter: guest appearances by Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel, Gianfranco Ferre, Thierry Mugler... 
Fight Club: A stylish Brad Pit and Versace based a collection on this film...
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her lover: Jean Paul Gaultier
The Great Gatsby: Ralph Lauren!
Desperatly Seeking Suzan: Lacroix!
Out of Africa: Meryl Streep's safari-look.
It Happened One Night: a shirtless Clark Gable made the sales of undershirts drop fast. 
The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause: an inspiration to youth cultures and styles.


  1. love these movies! my favorites are Factory Girl (must see, really good!) and Pulp Fiction (I don't know why I love that movie).

    nice post!

  2. Dat groen kleedje is idd fantastisch!

  3. It's pretty sad to say that the only one of these movies I have seen is Atonement and Factory Girl. Factory Girl was def out there. It made me hate Andy Warhol.

    Thanks for visiting my blog =)

  4. Tha Green Dress. *gasp...
    die blijft echt insanely gorgeous..
    tot donderdag tiff! ;)