Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alexander McQueen

I just added a new item to my wish-list; Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation by Kirstin Knox.
Hopefully, they'll put the book on pretty quickly, because I really want to read this. Too bad I'll already have handed in my thesis (which features the British designer) by then...

Yesterday my boyfriend finally got back from his 3 weeks tour in the USA with his band. Despite all of the lost luggage, he still had -in his carry-on- a copy of Vogue's April issue , which remembers Alexander McQueen... So'll have something to read later on this evening... 


  1. Damn your boyfriend is a musician with a love of fashion, girl ya got it all :)


  2. alexander mcqueen was truly a visionary to be admired in the fashion world. love this post. :)

  3. what a great boyfriend!

    xx come visit!

  4. i want it too. i bet it's amazing.

  5. wow, amazing boyfriend. that would be an incredible book, hope it's not some hideous rush job. bet youre glad your boy is back! xx

  6. Wow i need to have a peptalk to my boyfriend now, really.. Love it:)