Wednesday, December 16, 2009

McQueen's Skull

When I was doing some research on the Schiaparelli/Dali collaboration yesterday, I spotted this photograph of the painter by Halsman. I had seen these 7 naked ladies before on our school's forum, where someone was making fun of some guy who had tattooed this scenery on his body. But I had no idea that Dali was portrayed beside it, and it was based on a sketch he did, nor that it was actually a work of art instead of some random guy's fantasy.

Then I realized where McQueen might have found his inspiration for the Spring/Summer 09 Skull shirts. I love that design so much that when I came across it in his NYC-shop, I just had to have it.
And I still don't care that it's a boy shirt. I just bought it in the smallest size and I'll wear it with a tight fitted skirt to contrast it with. Will wear it, yes. I still haven't found something cool enough to pair it with, so for now it's just laying there in my closet. Such a shame.

Another one of my all time favorite shirts by Mister McQueen is the hummingbird skull print one. A year ago, when I was in London, I saw it at the Harvey Nichols men's department and I tried to convince my boyfriend to get it, but he was not a fan. I'm still upset that I didn't get it for myself or that I was too lazy to walk up to the girls' department, but we had been shopping all day ...
Very stupid, Tiffany!

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