Tuesday, December 29, 2009


No more Human-Computer Interaction, please! Yesterday I finished up studying the approximately 1500 slides of the course and now I'm reading and making an extract out of the reader, which is 800 pages. I'm going crazy. It's fairly interesting but it is taking forever. So I would rather be spending my valuable time on preparing for my other exam Costume and Fashion, although that textbook is quite elaborate as well.

And I've just realized that I left my trustworthy fashion guide at my dorm in Leuven. As an addition to the standard course reader, with no illustrations what so ever, I was planning to look up the various fashion trends throughout the centuries (like e.g. the Peter Pan collar or Greek chitons) in my Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion.

The book really is a must have for anyone planning to enter the industry professionally or anyone who is just extremely interested, since it offers essential terminology. Any fashion journalist or retailer needs it. Period. Plus, it has helped me out a lot for my thesis as well, since it features lists and lists of clothing items, in which movie they originally appeared and which fashion trends they set into motion. Think: Marlon Brando in The Wild One and his perfecto jacket, which caused the sales to increase tremendously.

A great bonus on the very last pages of the book is the overview of fashion designers, ranging from Armani to -once again- Worth.

By the way, Fairchild publishes many other amazing fashion books, check out their overview by category.


  1. i am seriously going to track down one of these books!!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

  2. Woops, ik heb er eigelijk nooit echt opgelet als ik er een had of niet, maar nu heb ik er wel eentje! :)

    Bedankt! Ik vind het leuk om meerdere belgische modeblogs te vinden, er zijn er zo weinig!!

  3. Ik vind dat er niet zo heel veel zijn toch, oftwel ken ik ze gewoon niet héhé, haha ja da's wel waar!

    ja, ik heb facebook :D héhé, mijn naam is "Louise Stubbe" je zult me wel vinden ;)

    Voor jou ook fijne feestdagen, en "fijne" blok ;)