Sunday, December 27, 2009

As soon as I got my MacBook Pro, with a Top Sites-application for Safari, I added one of my favorites lifestyle sites, so that I would not miss a thing when it comes to fashion.

In the left-bottom corner I can find my daily updates. Yesterday morning, a photograph that I know quite well caught my attention on the site, which first article read "Blog to watch: Shark Attack". So apparently, both my sister's as mine own version of the Shark Attack-blog were featured! I'm so excited: press coverage! This is crazy! Thank you so much,! This is more surreal than the surreal Lanvin ads!

On my sister's blog you can find the translation for the Dutch article. And to all of you who understand Dutch/Flemish, make sure to check Belmodo, every day. They always have some major fashion scoops.


  1. Echt supercool voor jullie! Proficiat!

  2. Wow! Een welverdiende bekroning voor jullie goed werk he, het moest er eens van komen... Proficiat!