Monday, December 21, 2009


Inspired by these top designer's wish lists, I decided to make my own, (subject to change).

Dear Santa,

I can honestly say that I've been a good girl this year (getting straight A's at school and trying to be kind to my friends and family and all...). So, in case you won the lottery this year, you can share the rest of your millions with all the other sweet boys and girls in the world, since the only thing I want for christmas is this:

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes / see my sister's post

In case you weren't that lucky this year, a bottle of Terre d'Hermès will do as well. Yes, I know it's a boy's scent. Yes, I know my boyfriend wears it too every winter. But every time I steal his perfume, girls ask me which scent I'm wearing. And, more importantly, it makes me think of him whenever he's not around. Many thanks, and happy holidays.

x Tiffany


  1. Oehlala santa moet wel heel veel taste hebben als je wilt dat hij dit voor je koopt :)

    oh mannenparfum dragen kan soms zo tof zijn, doe ik ook soms hihi

  2. Daarmee het lijstje e.
    Hij moet geen smaak hebben, hij moet gewoon naar de winkels gaan en betalen. :p

    Welke draag jij?
    Gucci by Gucci voor mannen is ook supergoed! :) maar die is eerder zomers.

  3. those heels are crazy. if i got those shoes for christmas I would die!