Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As mentioned before, I'm not that fond of the first Sex and The City
movie. And the trailer of the sequel is actually as boring as hell. No
idea what to expect what so ever, especially since they all lived
happily ever after at the end of part one. However, I'm dying to see
this one, as I stated before for the wonderful outfits they were
spotted wearing. And I can't help but feel nostalgic when it comes
to Carrie & Co. Maybe I should switch my thesis' subject to
'fashion sitcoms' in stead of 'fashion films' cause I'm still a huge
fan of the re-runned episodes: at least they had a plot.

SATC 2 will be in theaters at the end of May 2010.

edit: so apparently this is only the teaser trailer:
contradictio in terminis, 'cause it didn't left me wanting more.

edit: according to The Cut this movie has a message.


  1. i need to rent all the seasons of this show, because everyones talking about the new movie. i saw the first one but never the actual show.

  2. really? you should go rent them right now then! :D
    the show is a zillion times better, Jade! :)

    happy holidays!

  3. loved the shows, loved the fashion in the movie, this one.... eh, i think i'll wait till it hits blockbuster =/

  4. Ik vond de 1ste film goed, ik twijfel er ook niet aan dat ik de 2de goed ga vinden. Veel verhaal moet er nie in voor mij :)