Monday, December 28, 2009


About once a month I find an e-mail in my inbox by Kiki Niesten, a luxurious multi-brand shop. This is for me the cue that some very interesting sales are coming up in this Maastricht-based store, which is near the Belgian/Dutch border and thus, near my hometown.

The messages on the other hand, also remind me to check the news section on the website. I'm always anxious for Kiki's video's. Every time the owner visits the most renowned fashion capitols to buy the latest high end collections, she uploads a animated review. It offers a look into the whole buying process at the world's biggest fashion houses. At the end of each trip she shares her favorite addresses through a little shopping guide-pdf. And if that's not enough: Kiki's Fashion Shoot, a fashion first-person shooter game, offers the visitors of the website the chance to win a designer must have.

(screen shot:


  1. Daar moet ik ook eens heen als ik nog eens in Maastricht ben :) Maastrich is zoooo'n gezellige stad!!

  2. Jij maakt mij anders ook wel jaloers met je Christopher Kane dress :) staat je goed!!!

    leuke blog trouwens!!

  3. makes me wanna pay a visit to good old Maastricht!