Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christopher Kane

Wish list:

- C. Kane for Topshop Aligator Dress: Check! (London, UK)
- C. Kane Mandrill Shirt: Check! (Barney's, NYC, US)
- C. Kane Atomic Print Dress: (?)

Any idea where I can find this dress on the European continent / in Belgium?

Film / Fashion Fact:

"Planet of the Apes" e.g. inspired Christopher Kane for his SS 09 collection.


  1. hi in need to know where i find the gorilla t-shirt by christopher kane do u know a one web site that i'll be buy? plis answer me

  2. Hi

    I don't think they sell the shirts anymore
    since it's last year's spring collection, no?


    have you checked e-bay?