Friday, December 18, 2009

The trenches

Belgium is in total chaos. Yesterday it started snowing pretty hard and there were up to 500km of traffic jams. And that is a whole lot in this little country. Now, yesterday evening it didn't bother me all that much. Ok, my boyfriend and I waited one hour in the freezing cold for a bus to take us to the car center, where his rear window was being fixed - his car got broken into the night before and not only did they steal his car documents, they stole all of his band's equipment, like his Marshall tops, boxes, his Yamaha guitar ànd his Gibson Les Paul, but the police got most of it back, luckily. We are going to pick up all of that stuff later tonight, since that bus never showed up or refused to let any more passengers in because it was pretty crowded. I felt sorry for that old man standing in line with us. He was dying to get home, while we just lived around the block.

Anyhow, so it was still mostly all fun and games yesterday, the snow. Today it had all turned to ice.
I was on my way to get some slides printed out, so I can start studying for my exams next week. I was just about to call my mom, when all of a sudden I fell. And I fell hard, while still on the phone. She witnessed it live but had no idea that I was laying flat on the ground. My first reactions was: "Oh no, my trench!". And yes, my beloved sandy colored Burberry trench had turned into a hideous shade of mud at the backside. And yes, I was almost crying on the phone. Only then I realized that my wrist and arm started to ache. Now, about an hour later, it still hurts when I'm typing: 'I hate snow. I hate ice. I hate mud on any of my coats, but most of all on my trench!'

So, luckily I have some pain killers at my dorm, and some gluhwein, I had picked up yesterday after the bus incident. Hopefully that will ease some of the pain.

My trench in better / ice-free days

P.S.: Many thanks to the two girls who asked me if I was okay.

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  1. Damn you snow!I would have started crying, even though I don't have a Burberry coat (yet) :)